Here’s Why Your Web & Mobile Apps Cannot Survive Without UX

June 8th, 2017
Here’s Why Your Web & Mobile Apps Cannot Survive Without UX

User Experience Design (UX) is like the digital iteration of the age old saying, “the customer is always right”. In a digital age where many customer transactions are done online and through mobile apps, it’s easy to forget the importance of customer experience. Which is what makes UX design so important to the survival of your web and mobile apps.

Listen, just because you don’t greet your customers face to face doesn’t mean they aren’t human. They’re still very much people, and they need to be considered as such. We know it can be difficult to imagine how you’ll offer that personal touch and great service which is why the Disrupt Studio team gathered to list four key actions that will ensure your website and apps truly engage your customers.

Put the User First

Gone are the days when you could haplessly throw some web pages and text together and hope for the best. User experience design, or UX design, is the only employable method for ensuring your customers are in the driver’s seat when they interact with your product or service. When a user feels in control of their experience with a site and app, they’re far more likely to come back. Think about how many smartphone apps you’ve deleted after mere minutes because of how frustrating they are to use. Studies show that 79% of users will search for another site or app to complete their required task if it’s not satisfied by the one they’re using. Think about the impact of that on market share.

Ensure that It’s About the Destination, AND the Journey

Philosophers want us to focus on the details of our journey through life, not the end point. But we tend to ignore that advice more often than not. So, it goes with website and app users. You want them to focus on the end point, after all they have come to your website or app looking for a solution. But they won’t get near the end point if their journey toward it is messy. They may even jump ship at the smallest hurdle. Which is why UX design becomes so important.

Get Buy-In and Make the Investment

Great UX design is a carefully thought-out and collaborative effort that needs business and IT teams to come together for those all important customer/user focused kumbaya moments. Why? Because with great effort will come great success. That success depends on time and financial investment.

How does UX design success actually translate into great ROI? We know that big companies like Apple and Amazon can testify to the huge financial merits (we’re talking billions of dollars) and positive brand value that their UX investments have delivered. Simply put, good UX gives companies a competitive advantage. Without a doubt, user-friendly applications boost productivity, profits, and brand value. How? By using an expertly guided common-sense approach to UX that will cut down on development time, employ tactics that reduce customer support time, and assure customer retention. The result? Users become customers and brand ambassadors driving sales up and complaints down. It’s a win-win for everyone in your company. It’s also an investment that makes sense. For some impressive stats see here.

The ROI of User Experience with Dr. Susan Weinschenk is worth a watch...

Embrace UX as a Natural Evolution of Better Business

UX Design is so essential for tech startups because it parallels with how most businesses run their entire organization. A business’ major concern is getting a customer to complete an action. UX design’s major focus is guiding a user through a site/app to achieve that action, whatever it may be. Where once an attendant would walk and talk a customer through to the desired action, now a UX designed site and app walk and talk a customer through to complete that action. And while the people who create great startups might be major tech heads, a large percentage of their customers probably won’t be. Using a UX designed site or app is the equivalent of a return to fully serviced gas stations, where the attendant did all the work for you.

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