What We Do

Disrupt is a digital product design company focusing on user research, user experience and user centred design for the tech startup space. We don’t just help you build pretty things, we create the ultimate experience for your users based on their goals, motivations and desires. Everything we do is user-centric because effective strategies aren’t created by flipping a coin or taking a wild guess, they’re created by compiling research, data and user insight. Give your startup an edge in the crowded tech space. Stand out, take risks, be proactive and have fun doing it!

Discovery & Research

Let’s learn together

Define Business Goals

Our experienced team will help you define your true business goals and create a strategy to help you achieve them.

Affinity Diagramming

Discovery sessions focus on getting all ideas on the table and organising them in such a way that the bigger picture becomes clear. We are experts at synthesising information, extracting relevant data and creating actionable plans.

Concept Evaluation

If you’re launching a new product or expanding on an existing product, our team can assist with evaluating the concept as it relates to your user’s goals and motivations.

Interviews & Surveys

Take your concepts from assumptions to facts. Conducting surveys, and ultimately interviews, with your actual client is a critical step in user research and we can help.

Focus Groups

Putting your key target users in a group environment can bring out true feelings and expectations when it comes to your new product concept. Let us help you fully leverage this user research tool by organizing, conducting and analyzing a focus group on your behalf.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding your competition and what unique features they bring to the table is very important when it comes to benchmarking your product within the desired industry. Our feature matrix evaluation gives clients a visual overview of where they stand.

Strategy & Experience

Let’s chart a course

User Personas

How well do you know your users? Personas are a representation of the goals and behaviours of a hypothesized group of users. Our team can help you generate these from user research via surveys, interviews and focus groups.

User Flows

We devise user flows to help you understand how a user interacts with your digital product and which path they take to achieve a task. Through detailed step-by-step mapping, our team identifies not only all required functions and features but potential pitfalls or disconnects in the process.

User Stories

User stories are a simple but important step in the UX process. These stories describe the type of user (persona), what they want and why. Through user story creation, our teams help to create a simplified description of a function or requirement that makes it easier to build your digital product.

Journey Maps

Do you know the best way to improve the user experience? Journey Maps help you truly understand what your customers/users want and how they feel when using your product. We prepare these detailed maps to give you the chance to make the necessary changes that will ensure a great customer experience in the long run.

Information Architecture

Understanding how information is organised in your digital product plays a vital role in supporting the overall usability and findability of the most important information and functions. Our team will advise you on the structure, content, and design best suited to your customer's/user's needs and your commercial requirements.


Sitemaps are a complete list of all pages/screens of a web application. Our team documents and organizes them in hierarchical fashion to help the design team see the bigger picture.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
— Steve Jobs

User-Centered Design

Let’s design something extraordinary

Concept Sketching

Early sketching of screens, pages, and functionality is an efficient way to map out how your mobile/web app will be structured. We will walk you through this cost-effective procedure so you can quickly weed out unnecessary ideas that require huge time commitments. Sketches also pave the way to developing wireframes and visual design.


Getting all the elements on a particular page/screen identified and structured is the process of wire framing. As part of this process, our team creates grey scale representations of each and every element required.


This critical step in the design process involves creating a fully tap/clickable prototype of your mobile/web app for the purpose of user testing the design. Prototypes also act as a visual tool that assist the team with bringing all the concepts together.

User Interface Design

Where colour, design styles and function come together to create a visual of what your mobile/web app will ultimately look and feel like. These visual designs can also be put into prototype format during this stage to give the client a place to review the final product.